Thursday, February 2, 2012

A need to craft

I've recently (as in got home yesterday) spent to much time in the hospital. I started to go crazy. I really, really needed to craft. So I challenge myself to craft one night with my hubby and daughter using the things I found in my hospital room.  I think it's a pretty cool owl!

This I'm not so proud of.  I was trying to use only things that are from the hospital, no an outside source (like the Panera Bread bag).  But I hadn't been collecting, so it was only what I could collect in a half hour.  I think this one was a failure.  It was suppose to be garland of some sort.  I suggest to you, if you ever find yourself in the hospital start collecting even when your not feeling good enough to use it, that way when you do, you'll have it.

Ok, so if I haven't made it clear, I love Pinterest and am really posting this so I can put my owl on 
my boards!  Go and check them out!

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