Saturday, February 11, 2012

Curbside find!

I don't know whether I posted this find before or not but I found three of these canisters in a box at someone's curb.  They are pretty navy blue, ceramic canister from MACY's.  I been using them for a long time now in my craft room to hold some supplies.

I've really love all the vinyle labels that are all over Pinterest:

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

So I have a silhouette, that to be honest I have really had nothing but trouble with.  I haven't heard other people complain about theirs, so I think it most be just be a fluke with my machine.  But I have found that I can cut vinyl pretty well if I don't use a fancy font, up the thickness settings and the cap, I can actually use it.   So I labeled my canisters so the $200 I spent on it doesn't go completely to waste.

I might use what's in them now that they are labeled.  I could never remember what I stored in them.
Thank you to the lovely people that put great things to the curb!  I try to give back sometimes by putting things to my curb that I can't or don't want to use but think someone else might! 

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