Sunday, February 12, 2012

Michael's $2 Grab Bags

I've been trying to be really good about not spending money lately, not that I spend a lot usually, but just being extra careful.  Well, I went to Michael's to buy a single piece of red felt for a project I hope to finish and post on by tomorrow.  But they had their oh so lovely $2 Grab Bags out.  The deals are so good, it feels almost stupid to say no.  So here's what I got...

-Two squishy belly pig key chains 
-a lava lamp key chain
-toy story 
-mechanical pencils 
-gem embellishments (Ella uses for earrings) 
-a bangle bracelet
- a snapit bracelet
-P intitial note pad 
-Christmas tags, toy train
-football shaped balsa wood cutouts 
-scrapbooking scissors 
-a little foam man
- the leather tray 
-a plush toy that you color

This was all in the bag.  If you check out some of my other post, this is just an ok bag.  My nieces got the kind of book bags that you color this year for Christmas and Ella seemed to like them so I thought I would try out the plush toy and I few of the other things were fun finds.  It is about $20 worth of stuff for $2.  

But not to show you the find I'm really proud of!  There was a little hint in the last picture.

That's right, that $30 basket was $2!  I actually got the go ahead from the hubby to go back and buy two more to use for gifts and I got a even better deal, two for $2!!!!

I love the Grab Bag deals!!!

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