Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here are some projects I would like to work on sometime in the near future.  I would much rather be working on them, then only writing about it but sometimes this is all I can do.

So I really like these bags.  I think I would like to do them in the exact same colors.  There is just something so peaceful about the color and texture combo.  I'm also really into stenciling fabric with ink right now.

I love this patch work on torn jeans.  My daughter recently got a bunch of hand-me-down jeans from her cousins with a couple that have little wholes in the knees.  I'm looking forward to doing this to them.  Maybe I can find a way to "girlie" it up a little.  If not I would still love to do it.

I would like to make a trash for my car like this. I think I could use a waterproof washable fabric.

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest
I really want to make this. I would change it just a tiny bit so it makes sense in my family, but I love it.
Last but not least. I need to make burp clothes. I bought about 30 yards of fabric on black friday to make burp clothes. I was pregnant and didn't know whether I was having a girl or boy, so I bought fabric for both and figure that whatever was left would make good baby gifts. I have since miscarried (1-14-12). A very heart breaking experiences, I know that I will never get over the loss of my little boy Max Elias both I do need to heal. There is something inside me telling me that making them will be apart of that process. It's a little scary to think of but I know the Lord is and will be with me through this. I think I'll make one for Max Elias to add to his memory box.


  1. I love seeing your project wish list. I'm also happy that you'll make something for Max. You are a very good mom.

    1. Thanks Tamara, I like the thought that I can be a good mom to Max even though he's not with us.