Thursday, September 1, 2011

Antiquing on my free afternoon

For those of you who don't know, my husband is in Japan doing relief work.  He been gone 6 days, so my mother gave me a little break and took my little girl Ella, to Chuck E Cheese.  I was just going to go to Home Depot to pick out paint for my bedroom when I plassed a large Antique store (Charlie Brown's) and decided I was going to stop in. I really enjoy going antiquing but always have Ella with me so I never get to go.  Well I didn't find what I was hoping for but, I still think I made out pretty good.  Check it out!
All this cost me $2.

This antique has around 75 different sellers and one of the seller most have been closing up shop so there was a free sign on all there stuff.  I got the two decorating book, one from the 40's and the other late 60's and another book from the 50's of the art from the Prado Museum.  Along with the Japanese tray all for free.  
I got the decorative sterling bowl, tray and cups; also the 3 pearl ornaments (they each come in individual boxes) for $2.

Now to decide what to do with it all.
The cups I will probably make some sort of tiered platter or storage.
I'll find a home some where for this bowl and I was thinking of adding a little embellishment to these ornaments, and personalizing them to make a little Christmas gift.

I'm not really sure what this thing is.  It's hard to tell in this picture but it has a little carrying handle.  It has a bit of a dip in the top.  Anyone have any idea what this is?  I just thought it was pretty.

This tray isn't anything to great, but it was free.  It's sort of small and not in great shape.  Not sure what I'm doing with it.  The red would really only match in my bedroom.

I think I did pretty good!

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  1. yes, you did! how fun that the treasures included a Japanese try, right?