Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Painting my room with A.D.D.


             So I really hate my room, but my husband and I don't have any idea if we will be in this house or not it two years.  We may be living oversea's and so we don't want to really put money into buying new furniture that we may not be able to take with us.  We are looking to do things that will improve the house for resell, so I to painted the walls, which is a big improvement seeing there was rough sparkle everywhere.  So I bought paint, two different color one in a gallon the other in pint size.  When I started to paint, I didn't bother to check the color (this is where the A.D.D. comes in, I truely have it and it comes to bit me often while crafting). I just grabbed the one that I thought was in the gallon and started painting.  It looked a little darker but I assumed I was remembering it differently.  Well after I painted the whole room I found the paint swatches in my purse and discovered I was painting with the wrong color, by a lot.

This is what it was suppose to be:
This is, is what I got:
Please excuse the mess, it's part of my painted process :). 

         My advice is slow down and make sure everything is right, don't ever except me to be able to do this though. I decided that there was no way that I was going to repaint the room.  So the stencil that I had planned on doing with a darker color, I changed to the color the room was suppose to be.  I've never done stenciling before but I thought I could make one with my silhouette machine.  I made it with sheet of plastic that I bought at the craft store.



Unfortunately, it didn't work very well.  After a few times of using it, the paint started bleeding behind the stencil and no matter how many times I tried to clean the stencil really well and start again, it wouldn't stop. Then, I decided to try and do it on card stock and use a new stencil each time.

This worked a little better but I decided my stencil just had to think of lines, but it was to late.  I just finished them up and cleaned up the lines with a fine art paint brush and I think it looks pretty good.


I still need to put the room back together and decide if I want to change some of the art around. But, that's for another day.

       For now I'm just trying to keep my basement as clear of water as possible.  We are having crazy rain   that is causing flooding everywhere.  10,000 people are expected to be evacuated, that's a lot for a small town. I still can't get over this video:

So prayers for the people of Broome County, NY are welcome.


  1. I was wondering how you were weathering the storm. I should have guessed you were painting. :) Love you. Also, I really am impressed you stencilled! Looks good...

  2. Tamara- I wasn't actually painting during the storm, just writing the post! I am good though, just so water in the basement. Since it's unfinished and has a water pump, that's no big deal.