Monday, September 6, 2010

$1.50 and under Monday

I'm in charge of the crafts for my MOPS group @ Union Center Christian Church.  We have a group of about 70 women and each monthly meeting we do a craft with the women.  The catch is they have to be $1.50 per person.  So as you can image I do a lot of craft-blog-searching looking for ideas.  I thought I'd share with you some of my findings because it's always fun making cute, cheap, crafts.

1.)    My first craft is these tote bags with liners 
(this is actually from my site).  
I was able to make these (9x10" totes) for .75cents each. 
To make them extra fun, I added this doily design idea on my tote bag from's
blog.  She did a way better job so make sure to check it out on her blog.  I bought a big package of doily's at the dollar store and used them for my stencil.

2.)   My second idea was these really cute Match Box Magnets from

All you need is a match box, a magnet, a cute picture and some Mod Podge.  They are really cute right?

3.) Next are these cute Tile Coasters, check out the tutorial at Blueprint Crafts.

4.) My last under $1.50 craft idea for the day is this cute bangle.  I'm yet to try this myself but am looking forward to it.  Next time I'm at the craft store and remember to pick up the fabric glue, I'll give it a try.

Make sure to check out the tutorial at Sisters 4 Say More is More,
this tutorial turns a cheap looking plastic bangle into a super cute accessory!

Hope you are able to give some of these a try!

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