Tuesday, October 25, 2011

birch candles

I cleaned my garage this weekend.  It's a one car, plus that's the area we store the majority of our stuff.  While cleaning I re-found some birch bark. So I put it in my craft supply area.  Then yesterday, I ended up having a little bit of unexpected time alone so I pulled out the bark and grabbed a few candles that I posted about over a year ago, I love a great deal!. 17 candles for two dollars.  I've use a few here and there. But still have a number of them left so I thought this would be a good time to use them.

I pulled out the supplies I thought I would need.  I later discovered I also needed a razor blade knife, Mod Podge and an applicator brush.

I roughly cut a piece of bark that I thought would fit around the candle nicely, then hot glued it to the candle. But careful not to touch the gun to the candle, as you can image it melts quickly.  Then I trimmed up the bark with the razor blade.

Then because the bark was dry and flaky, I put a layer Mod Podge over the bark.  This helped to keep the bark from falling apart as much.

To make the larger cande I stacked two candles on top of each other, because I only had smaller size candles.

The pottery barn sells this sort of candle too.

                                                                                  Source: None via Tracy on Pinterest

I actually think it's a even better idea to use a glass cylinder shaped hurricane candle holder. That way it's reusable. I didn't want to spend and money, so mission accomplished!

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