Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love a great deal!

So I went to Michael's tonight and as usual they had their clearance bins outside.  Honestly I'm not usually impressed with their sales but today they had "Grab bags".   I have fun memories of my mom taking my sister and I to the jewelry store and buying us grab bags so kids, so seeing these perked my interest.  I checked them out and found some good deals.
Here's bag one for $2 ......
six pairs of flip flops (one pair fits Ella the rest will be good to denote), two packages of sea shells, and 3 fabric number patches. I checked the price of shells and saw that one bag a shells alone cost $12.99 at regular cost.  My hubby has a fish tanks that he is always looking for new shells and rocks for, plus they make good decorative pieces!

Bag number two.....
count them, that's 17 candles for $2.  That makes each candle .12cents.  These can make cute little gifts, just add some decorative touches.

I was pretty excited and proud of my find!

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