Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Light Box Tutorial

So I finally did one thing on my "to do" list.  I made a light box to hopefully make the photos of my crafts better.Supply List:
  • Card board box
  • White fabric 
  • White duct tape
  • Strong adhesive (that will work on card board)
  • Utility Knife  
  • White poster board
  1. The first step is to take your cardboard box (I bought a large moving box from Home Depot) and if they are not already, fold the side flips together and use a strong adhesive, especially near the inside corners for extra strength.  I used hot glue.

2.  Now use a straight edge to draw a square on each side (or leave one side solid for the bottom, depending on whether you want to use the box in different positions) of the box about 3 inches inset from the outside edges.  Then using a utility knife cut along the lines.

3.  Cut the white fabric about an inch longer then your windows on each side.  Then use the white duct tape to attach the fabric to the box along the sides.

3. Now you have a light box.  Place the poster board along the floor and back side of the light box.

4.  Now to put it to use.  Place some lights on the outside of the windows and place your object in the middle.

5. To add a personal touch, I added scrapbook paper as a background.

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