Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dress like a spider Day!

Tomorrow, I will be the parent helper at my daughters preschool.  Which means I'm in charge of bringing the snack.  This may be no big deal for most mom's, but probably like most of you, I have to do something crafty.  Tomorrow's theme is "Dress Like a Spider Day".  I only had a few hours to put it together after buying the supplies, but this is what I came up with. I think it's pretty cute.

First, I made up spider peanut butter crackers.  I bought these supplies:

I opened each of the crackers and added extra peanut butter on both sides.

The took the pretzels, broke them in half and squished them into the peanut butter.  

Then I added the top cracker.  With two raisins dipped in peanut (to make them stick) to make eyes.

Then I pulled out my stash of Chinese take-out boxes, drew little black spider on them and then used white bubble fabric paint I had around to add little smiles. 
In the bottom of the take-out boxes I put some extra pretzels and raisins.  Then put two spiders in each of them.

I closed up the boxes, and for the final touch I found some black ribbon that I tied around the handle of the take-out box.

So if you like this craft, my only suggestion would be to make your spiders with 8 legs because after making them all my husband made a spider for my daughters head band out of pipe clearer and I saw 8 legs.  Then I thought, "yeah they do have 8, crap!"  Oh well.  The good news is I also made this, with the correct number of legs.

I think it turned out cute!

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  1. haha! you are going to be the rock star mom of Ella's preschool!