Friday, October 21, 2011

Grab Bag Score!

Check out my recent score from Michael's.  Every now and then Michael's has grab bags for 
$2 and you can get some awesome deals.  Here's my most recent purchase, all in one, $2 dollar bag.

Six metal trays the prices on the tag says they were $8 each.  That's $48 total.  I'm planning on using them for our church's upcoming Art Show Coffee House.  Then probably re-purpose them for something else.

The other items were not as great, actually some are just really 
silly but there are some that I can find uses for.

 There are a few cute magnets in this bunch.  The other I probably will cute up and use them for magnets onto other things.

Then is a bunch of note cards and a few bookmarks.  I think I'll just let my 3 year old find some use for most of the note cards.  I do just want to point out the Judy Garland and Elvis note cards.  They made me laugh.  I'm not sure why anyone would buy them in any other way then in a grab bag!

Overall, it's a pretty good deal.

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