Monday, August 22, 2011

Rice Crispy Cake- My attempt!

Today I am watching my sister's son and of course I have my little girl Ella here with me.  Pretty much from the start of the day they have been a challenge.  They found everything and anything to fight about and to be disobedient about.  I thought "OK, I will take them to the park for a picnic and then they can play on the playground."  Well, we had lunch, that went OK, minus a little fighting over food and me having to confront two young teenage boys about making fun of another person on the playground.  We went to play on the playground, then the thunder began.  It was time to head home...

     What next???  I may be crazy but I'm going to attempt to make a Rice Crisy Cake with a 3 year old and an almost 3 year old.  This is where I got my idea.

Since little ones will be eating this and it's not a special occasion (other then me trying to keep my sanity) I decided to try not to use things like chocolate or frosting.  Not healthy, just hopefully not too horrible.  To add another challenge to it, I'm not really prepared.  I don't have a cool pedestal cake stand, or round pans to mold the Rice Crispy's but we'll give in a try

*Rice Crispies
*Fruit by the Foot
 *Organic Buddy Fruits

Here are my two little helpers.
They did a lot more eating then helping.

I found the tin on the left to use as a mold and was able to make the first layer.

I didn't know the Fruit by the Foot had this design
until I opened it up.  It worked out good.

Picture of the first layer.
      I used a small sauce pan for the top layer's mold.  I tried putting the fruit snacks on it and it looked horrible.  I couldn't even take a picture.  So I went shopping later and because I guess I care more about how this looks than how healthy it is, I bought M&M's and put this together (below).

I was much happier with it and decided now that it looked decent, it was time to dig in!!


  1. I love that you care more about how pretty it looks than how healthy it is.

    That kinda sums it up.

    You care about the important things in life. :) (it looks beautiful, by the way)