Friday, August 26, 2011

My favorite posts of the week!

I love reading blogs, or should I say looking at the photo's and if they call to me, reading the blog.  It's one way I enjoy spending my down time.  So I decided I should use that time spent for good by sharing my favorite posts for the week with everyone else.

Today, I will be not be putting these in any special order.

hearthandmadeuk, posted  
           There is some really great ideas.  This are some of my favorites:

This is a great Travel idea for kids!

        Next, is a  Party Wishes' blog.  The post Mary Poppins Down Under caught my eye because I love Mary Poppins and party planning!  Here are some of my favorite shots from her post:

They really went all out, it's like being in the movie!

Because I'm hungry while writing this, here is some amazing looking food:

Little Birdie Secrets did a post on this Chicken Burrito Pizza she found in  Shape Magazine.  It looks really good!

And last but not least, a post 
Delicious Desserts by I heart Nap Time with mouth watering desserts.  Here are my favorite:



I hope you enjoy these post as much as I did!

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