Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bringing Creativity to Playtime, in the Park

My favorite way to play with my little girl is to go outside, collect whatever we can, and make something.  I told my husband it's because I get to do my favorite things all at once: sit (relax), scavange, and create.  So these pictures are actually from two different days, once with my husband.  I have to tell you my husband is so awesome, he likes joining in the fun in his own creative way.

This is the Fairy House, in the center Ella put some green berries
(which she calls peas) on the "table" for the fairies to eat".
(Ok, this is the first try so really use your imagination)  This is a fairy prince,

and this is the fairy princess.
Then there is Daddy's addition to the fun:

She's so excited because she thinks she  looks like Pistachio from Veggie Tales.

So crafty people, how do you get crafty with your kids?

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