Monday, November 1, 2010

Paracord Survival Bracelets

sBehind this crafty lady is an even craftier man.  I decided to make Christmas gifts for the ladies in our family and then he decided he was going to make crafts for the men.  He found these cool Paracord Bracelets to make over at Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

So he bought some paracord online and anchor shackles at Home Depot. 

Then he got to work.  He's the finished product.

They're pretty cool right.  So I'm living vicariously through my husband.  I don't have much time on my hands lately and the time I do have I've been spending on house projects.  I miss my crafting, so I'm living vicariously through my husband.  Hope you enjoyed the post!

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  1. ah-ha! i saw this today, but didn't say anything because at first i thought it was something to wear to prevent dizziness (how crazy of me, right?!?!) i will totally make sure to say something to him on Thursday. :)