Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Make a Serving Platter on a Pedestal

With the Holiday parties coming up, here's a cheap way to add a little something to the food table!  This is a super easy craft.  First collect odd plates/bowls and candlestick holders around the house or at the dollar store.  Then pick up some multi-use glue (I used Beacon's 527).

Decide what pieces look good together.  You may want to even make yours with tiers. Generously apply the glue around the top lip of the candlestick holder.


Flip the plate upside down and place the glued side of the candlestick holder in the center of the plate.  
Now don't touch it for about 2 hours.

Flip them over right side, and that's it! You have a new addition to your tableware!

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  1. I love how these turned out I just made a version of them with my mother-in-law I am so behind the times :)