Monday, November 15, 2010

My Great Find

So I'm totally excited about my find.  I'm always checking the curbs for some great find but I can't remember a time when I actually found something worth taking.  Well Sunday, I left church and was on my way to CHINA LAKE (the best Chinese food in the area) and find this on the side of the road:

 When I saw how nice it was I stood there looking at the house, waiting for someone to come out and tell me not to take it.  I thought it most be some kind of mistake.  But no one did.  The tag on it said it was from a local library.  It's a really well built and solid wood.  I was thinking of  using in for my crafting supplies but not sure how best to prepare it for this purpose.  It still has all the internal hardware for the filing system. Any ideas? I do know, I would like to refinish the wood on the doors to match the rest of the cabinet.

This thing was really heavy.  When I got in home I find about 100,000 of these   --->

They are sorta fun to look at!

So here's another project to put on my list.  But one that I'm very excited about.  Maybe after Christmas I'll have time to work on.

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  1. SO HAPPY FOR YOUR FIND and that I got to be there to see your genius at work! (ok, I'm a teensy bit jealous too....) : )