Monday, December 6, 2010

My Sick Day Christmas Project

     What is there to do when everyone, including yourself is sick?  It needs to be something easy, relaxing but also something that as you are sitting there on the couch (not wanting to move) you see needs to be done.  So mine was having something to do with Ella's hand prints for her first and second Christmas that I put on some felt and never did anything else with. What to do, what to do.  Well I recently bought some empty frames from the thrift store and have a recently emptied wall place.  So I cut some cardboard and linen napkin to fit the frame and used that as my backing.  After that I used some string and sewed on the hand print and stitched (free-hand) out some extra decor on them.  I think they are cute and I made them Christmas colors so they really fit in the living for now.  I'll have to make one more for this years hand-print but that can be after the Christmas hustle and bustle (unless there is another sick day before that).

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